McAfee Mac Protection 2017

Ultimate protection for your data, identity and privacy on all your devices


Unlimited Devices | Instant Download

McAfee products are compatible with all Android products

Securing your digital life

Block malware

Protect your network from malware with this smart barrier against unwelcome intrustions

Protect your family

Steer clear of unsafe posts, avoid spreading harmful content, block risky websites

Safeguard your identity

Web and email protection against junk mail and phishing attacks

Secure your devices

One security solution for your desktop, tablet, mobile and wearable technology

Complete protection against digital threats

Personal Firewall

Weed out suspect incoing traffic and prevent intruders from accessing your data

Safe Search

Bar access to suspicious sites and protect your devices from dangerous downloads


Block scam emails containing malware ot trying to trick you into revealing personal information

Cross-Device Protection

One Subscription protects unlimited devices

Witness our defence in action